Saturday, October 31, 2015

Sole Society X Nasty Gal Look

Hello Beautiful People,

So, I wanted to show you my fashion mood for today. It is a mix between rebel and sweet and somehow sober look.

I chose this great crop top which feels like really comfy, smooth and warm from Nasty Gal ...

Nasty Gal Cut Above Crop Top
... and this really cool jeans. Perfect for a night out or an evening event.
One Teaspoon Trashed Freebird Jeans
And now the one piece that is missing...
The Shoes:
Caged Mid heel Portia by Sole Society
This beautiful mid heel shoe name is Portia and it is from Sole Society.

Hope you liked it.

Love, Kate.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

New Year

New Year

Mulberry lion backpack
€1.350 -

Ray-Ban mirror sunglasses
€255 -

Frends headphone earbud
€245 -

Lipstick Queen lipstick
€27 -

Kate Spade home decor
€21 -

Billabong office accessory
€8,07 -

Vera Bradley office accessory
€10 -

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Sole Society X Zara Look

Hello Beautiful People,

This week while I was reading my newsletters I found this one from Sole Society that had this beautiful and captivating necklace. This is one of those pieces that make are capable of making a statement whether your in a dress or your dressing a shirt and jeans or a blouse and skirt.


In my opinion I love this two pieces together. A statement necklace with a turquoise simple dress.
Even though this look seems too simple the necklace makes it catchy.
Dress with mouth bell sleeve
Image Source: Zara
Hope you liked my look suggestion,

Love, Kate.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

"If I Stay" by Gayle Forman

Hello Beautiful People.

At the beginning of this month I started reading "If I Stay" by Gayle Forman and I must say that I got so into its characters and this amazing story that I finished reading this book within 3 days.

It was a mix of feelings during the entire book... There were moments that I felt happy in others I felt sadness and frustration and the list keeps growing... It has a continuation book called "Where She Went" and as soon as I buy the book I'll have to read it right away I am really curious about what happened to her ( Mia ).

It is an amazing book with unique characters and really well detailed. It is a book that make us think about our life and its importance for a few days.

I recommend this book to everyone specially to those who are concluding high school and have many decisions to make in the near future.

Hope you enjoy (or enjoyed if that's the case) the book as much as I did,

Love, Kate.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

AgitAgueda Art Festival

Hello beautiful people! This month in my hometown there is a festival known all around the world by the Umbrella Sky Project... Yep, AgitAgueda! The only festival without area restriction, where no ticket is needed (yes, it's FREE), with music everyday.

This year  we can find amazing performances everyday were we least expect it... Living statues, urban art(with the artists Bordalo II, Coletivo Nora, Sextafeira Produções and A.Mar.),fire shows, jazz, intime shows in the middle of the streets... and our lovely umbrellas in the sky.

It started on the 3rd July with the Silent Party in one of the streets that is covered with the umbrellas... I couldn't go to the party this year but I hope I can go next year.
On the next day, it was time for D.A.M.A to performe, an amazing portuguese boys band... I loved their show but since I have already saw them once earlier this year in an intime show on the local theatre I have to say that the one I saw them in the theatre was from far better than the show in AgitAgueda.

On the 5th July (Sunday) Jorge Palma performed with the 12th April Orquestra (Orquestra Filarmónica 12 de Abril) and it was really sweet in some way. I was just a kid when I saw his first show in Agueda and seeing him on a totally different show, it took me back to my childwood.

In the same weekend during the day the strets were filled with people taking photos to the amazing living statues and at the same time it was possible to watch a trully Portuguese show.... The Fado singer Rui Oliveira. (As you must know Fado was inscribed in UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Lists.)

Ok, so... I just wanted to say.... well.... what are you waiting for? Come to Águeda! The festival ends this Sunday (26th July) with James Arthur .... and yes the show is FREE so what is your excuse not to come?
I am waiting for you!

Águeda, Aveiro, Portugal.

Love, Kate.

Ps: keep up with the blog to see what I have to say about the other shows that I went to and to get to know the entire festival poster!

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Volunteering Project

Volunteering Project

Hello Beautiful  People! In the link above you can donate to the cause I'm going to volunteer in this summer... I hope you help me.
Thank you!

Love, Kate